Selling Intangibles Episode #55

In today’s episode, Kristen sheds some light on an underrated sales technique that not only makes selling feel less slimy, but can also motivate your customers from the time they purchase until they meet their end goal. It’s not some big, crazy trade secret, but it is something top network marketers use everyday. It’s called selling the intangibles.

Q&A for The Academy Episode #54

Kristen’s sharing a special episode today that will address all of the thoughts you may be having about joining the Social Selling Academy. As you may have heard, the price is going up on July 1st and she’s noticed more questions about what to expect once you join.

When You Want to Quit Episode #53

If you’ve been in a social selling business for any length of time, you’ve probably felt like quitting at some point. You won’t hear any judgement from Kristen as having this thought is totally normal. She’s getting real about what it means when you or someone on your team wants to ‘take a step back’ or hit the ‘pause’ button in their business.

Money Making Emotions Episode #52

Do you work your business when you’re not feeling motivated or positive/high vibes? Or do you run/shut down the minute you feel discomfort or frustration? You can learn the skill of harnessing the power of your emotions to create more success in your business–with positive AND negative emotion.

Misunderstood Episode #51

Are you living to your fullest potential or are you shrinking yourself to fit other people’s expectations of you? Many times we live in fear of what other people–typically the people closest to us–will think of us. We fear their judgement. But really, they’re misunderstanding our actions. Kristen’s sharing why people misunderstand us and what to do about it!

Data Drama Episode #50

Numbers, metrics, data–whatever you call it, typically create some sort of drama in our lives because of what we make those numbers mean. Kristen hears it all the time: social sellers who never even look at their numbers because they cause so much anxiety, shame, fear, and doubt. But the numbers don’t create those feelings.

Success Entitlement – Episode #49

How many times have you worked hard on a social media post and have been disappointed when you didn’t get new followers, comments, or DMs because you expected something in return? This is called ‘success entitlement.’ It’s not realistic to think every action should have an equal return–especially when you’re first starting out.  Listen for […]

Money Shame Episode #48

We all have a money story. And usually there is some sort of shame, guilt, or worry about judgement that comes up when we have a ‘money trigger.’ Kristen is sharing how this showed up for her recently around a designer purse purchase and what it taught her about her business and how she worked […]